Panther Protect security screens and doors

Here at Southside Screens, we specialise in installing the best available security screens, at an affordable price. We choose and recommend Panther Protect security screens and doors, for their superior performance and unbeatable price. 

Why choose Panther security?


Panther Protect will stop even the most determined intruder in their tracks. In tests, Panther screens withstood impacts 20 times greater than the standard for resisting forced entry. 


Even with all the features on offer, Panther Protect offers great value for money. Often cheaper than any other comparable product, Panther protect is the last word in savings as well as security.

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The patented design of Panther Security doors obtains superior strength without unnecessary screws or fixtures, giving you a sleek, clean, attractive frame. Panther Protect security doors and windows don’t take away from the look of a building… they add to it!


Advanced technology

Panther Protect security doors and windows use advanced technology to bring you a new standard in home security. We offer the only security screen in Australia that has a triple lock with 5 locking points and advanced mesh retention design. Our security doors and windows have been tested extensively and exceed all relevant Australian Standards.

Panther security door and window frames are engineered with a unique self-locking assembly. Any impact on the security mesh causes the vertical leg within the frame to collapse, causing the mesh to become even more tightly wedged into the frame. 

Extensive testing

Exceeds all standards

The Panther Protect security system has undergone extensive testing by an independent NATA accredited laboratory. After extensive testing, our security doors not just passed, but far exceeded all relevant Australian Standards.

The unique frame design enables Panther security screens to withstand 100 impacts — that’s 20 times the requirement to meet the Australian Standard for the dynamic impact test, which only requires 5 impact hits.

Made for Australia

Survives in the toughest conditions

Panther security doors and windows use marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh, ideal for all areas, including coastal and harsh environments. Screws, rivets and anything that reduces the structural integrity of a surface, can cause weaknesses and increase the risk for corrosion or product failure. Where there are screws that penetrate both the aluminium frame and the stainless steel mesh, the surface is vulnerable to galvanic corrosion. By removing the need for screws and additional fixings, Panther security screens are made to last longer, even in the toughest environments. 

Quality installation

We guarantee it

A high quality door needs to be paired with high quality installation to ensure optimal strength and security. As a licensed Panther Protect specialist dealer, we will ensure your home security installation fits perfectly with your home, eliminating any weaknesses and giving you total satisfaction. We operate under a strict code of conduct and will provide a totally professional experience to ensure you receive uncompromising safety. 

Designs and options

Hinged doors

Sliding doors

Fixed windows

Patio enclosures

French doors

Stacked sliders

Panther escape

Patio enclosures


Unparalleled performance

Extensive testing

Recent tests prove that Panther Protect security doors and windows go far beyond the claims of leading competitors.

All Panther Protect security testing is carried out by an independent NATA accredited laboratory. After extensive testing, our security doors not just passed, but far exceeded all relevant Australian Standards. They also meet the requirements for Bush Fire (BAL 1,2,3) and Cyclone Prone Areas (Debris test).

Dynamic impact test (AS 5039)

The dynamic impact test is designed to simulate an intruder trying to kick through a security door window. To pass the test, a door must withstand 5 consecutive impacts from a 40kg bag, hitting the door with a force of 100 joules. 

Panther doors withstood 100 hits - that's 20 times the number of impacts required to pass the test!

What's more, the testing continued at 200 and 300 joules, to simulate aggressive impacts, and still passed - that's an impact 3 times stronger than required to pass!

Salt spray test (AS 2331.3.1)

The salt spray test is a corrosion testing method that tests the integrity of the stainless steel mesh in response to corrosive environments in a closed chamber. Areas of high humidity generate a film of moisture that dissolves salt deposits on the mesh and creates a corrosive solution on the surface that can damage the mesh.


Although the test only requires 1000 hours of testing, Panther 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh withstood 3000 hours without any adverse reaction. 

Knife shear test (AS 5041)

The knife shear test determines the resistance of the security mesh to an attach from a heavy duty knife. The knife strikes the mesh a number of times with a constant force. If the knife penetrates the mesh with a cut longer than 150mm, the mesh does not pass. 

Panther 316 stainless steel mesh was not penetrated by the blade at all, exceeding the requirements of the test. 

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