Towards sustabinability

Probably the biggest threat to our collective security is climate change. It is becoming increasingly urgent for all businesses to do our part in moving as fast as we can towards being carbon neutral or carbon positive. We've taken the first few steps to decrease or offset our emissions and improve the sustainability of our business. 

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Offset car emissions

As a service based business, we spend a fair bit of time on the road, and need to be able to carry around large screens. Unfortunately, you can't buy an electric van to do that yet! So we've gone the next best option and offset our vehicle emissions through Go Neutral. 

Go Neutral purchase only Australian Carbon Credit Units - meaning all offset projects are undertaken in Australia. All projects are independently audited and verified. 

The projects fund actions that increase the amount of carbon stored in trees and the soil.

Renewable energy

We generate and purchase only renewable energy. We've had the solar panels on the roof for a few years now, and they have dramatically reduced our energy use - in summer we produce more than we use! But we still have a net consumption of electricity, which is why we chose Diamond Energy as our provider - they only purchase renewable energy and have gone beyond carbon neutral. 

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reusing diamond grill screen for climbing nastursiams

Recycling materials

We sometimes need to remove old screens, or end up with small offcuts of frame or mesh that can't be used. As the doors are all made of aluminium and stainless steel, these are far too valuable to simply throw away. All our scrap metal and old doors are fully recycled. And sometimes they can be used in even better ways!

Towards sustabinability

We've taken the first few steps to improve the sustainability of our operations and head towards carbon neutrality. 

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Offset car emissions

We purchase emission offsets for the work van from Go Neutral, who support accredited Australian carbon offset projects.  

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Use green energy

We have solar panels on the roof and purchase green electricity from Diamond Energy. 

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Recycle old screens

We recycle all old doors and offcuts - as they're made from stainless steel and aluminium, they're valuable!

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