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Cube 2 Double Doors Decoview

Decoview security doors

Superior security does not have to be boring. Decoview doors offer something different - extreme security, combined with stunning designs. Perfect for making a statement or adding a touch of beauty and inspiration to your home. 

Decoview screens

Decoview doors

Pandanus Shoji Sliding Security Screen D

Decoview doors come in laser cut designs, with most designs appropriate for security doors; and perforated aluminium, which is suitable for high security and anti climb applications.

Persian 2 Close up Decoview.jpg

Decoview laser cut decorative screen designs are a beautiful way to accentuate the appearance of your home. Laser cut screens can also be customised to your own design and are available in a full range of colours - the possibilities are endless.

Decoview security

Kiko white Security Screen and matching

The Decoview system is one of the strongest and most advanced solutions on the market. It is manufactured from corrosion-free aluminium to exceed the Australian standards and ensure your property is secure.


We are proud to be one of Decoview's exclusive authorised dealers in Brisbane. Welcome to a world where security does not have to be boring. 

Lasercut doors

Endless designs and inspiration

Decoview laser cut doors are incredibly beautiful and creative. You have almost endless design possibilities, which means you get so much more than just a security screen door. You have a work of art combined with the functionality and benefits of a high security door.

Laser cut Decoview doors come in 3mm aluminium and can be made thicker if required. Our laser cut screens are cut from 3mm thick 5052 or 5251 Aluminium marine grade sheet. All laser cut doors come standard with fly screen mesh. 

Most laser cut designs can be classed as security screens, as they do not have any openings greater than 70mm. Some designs with larger openings are classed as barrier doors - these designs are Banksia coast, Music notes, Reeds (barrier), Ring me, Roman holiday and Swirl. 

Reeds black Double Doors Decoview.jpg
Yucca Perf white 3 Decoview_edited.jpg

Perforated aluminium

Absolute security and style

Decoview Perforated Security Doors provide our highest level of security.

You can see out, but no-one can see in. You get free flowing air, security and privacy, coupled with unique and stylish designs.

Decoview perforated patterns give an extra element of privacy and security. They are our strongest doors made of a single sheet of perforated 2.5mm thick 5052 or 5251 Aluminium marine grade sheet.


Made to last

Keep your property secure while looking stylish. Not only do Decoview doors look good, they have been independently tested and proven to exceed the Australian AS5039-2008 standards for impact test, jemmy test, pull test and probe test. Decoview doors are made from high quality aluminium and pre-treated to accordance to the Australian Standards AS4506 and AS3715, so there is no risk of corrosion.

The Decoview extrusion system has a unique clamping system that can hold any panel up to 8mm thick. The material is secured by the Decoview clip that creates a friction hold and cannot be removed or kicked out of the decorative security door frame.



Laser cut designs for security screens and doors

Decoview laser cut screens are a beautiful way to accentuate the appearance of your home. They come in a huge range of designs. We can also do custom screen designs, so if you don’t see something you like or want to bring your own style we can make you a custom decorative screen design to suit your needs - the possibilities are endless. Decoview doors are available in both hinged and sliding doors.

Perforated aluminium designs for security screens and doors

Decoview security doors provide the highest possible level of security, as they are made from a single sheet of marine grade aluminium. Decoview doors easily passed all the relevant Australian Standards for security screens, every time! 

Security tests

Pull test

Imagine an intruder trying to pull out your security screen…that’s what the pull test is all about. The security door or window must be able to withstand pulling forces of up to 2 kN (200 kg) for 20 seconds at various positions from various angles. 

Of course, the Decoview security doors passed easily, both the pull test and the side pull test. 

Jemmy test

The jemmy test is designed to simulate an intruder using a lever to get past the security door or window. The test is performed with a large screwdriver at all locking, hinging and fastening points. The force applied is up to 450 N (45 kg) for 20 seconds – way beyond the capability of most potential intruders. Decoview security doors passed the jemmy test easily.


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