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Guardian window screens have been designed to meet the requirements for fall prevention. With its fine 304 stainless steel architectural mesh, views are seemingly unrestricted. 

Keep your cat safe with Guardian fall prevention screens

Guardian window screens have been designed as a barrier solution for fall prevention. It meets the requirements specified in the National Construction Code for fall prevention, and has been tested to exceed an outward force of 250NM (25kg), so any existing window restrictions can be removed. Its fine 304 stainless steel architectural mesh allows for almost unrestricted views and greater natural air-flow.

It also meets the BAL-40 requirements for bushfire prone areas and is a great option instead of insect screens for homes with pets that might need a more robust solution.

Why choose Guardian

Guardian fall prevention window screens are cheaper than security screens and allow for greater visibility and airflow. They are best in situations where you are not concerned about security – for example, second story windows with no easy access. As a fall prevention screen, they will allow you to remove window restrictors.

They are also a more robust option than flyscreen if you have pets. 

Quick facts

10 year warranty

10 year full replacement warranty


Exceeds requirements for fall prevention


Keeps out flies, mosquitos and other insects


Tested and meets requirements for bushfire flame zone (BAL-40)


Passed neutral salt spray corrosion tests

Icon_view angle 156.png

156° viewing angle

Icon_open guard.png

44.8% open area


1.3mm aperture


304 architectural grade stainless steel mesh

Guardian window screen_edited.jpg


The National Construction Code specifies that window openings must be either restricted or screened in some situations, to prevent children from falling. Restrictors must prevent windows from opening more than 125mm. If you’d like to be able to fully open your windows and feel the breeze, fall prevention screens are the obvious choice! Guardian screens also meet bushfire requirements to BAL-40 and come with an 10 year full replacement warranty to give you complete peace of mind. 



Guardian screens are available in fixed and hinged windows - the hinged windows are side opening and available in inswinging and outswinging. And they are the only screen windows you can completely remove!



ForceField screens are the only security screens with seamfree welded corners, joined by state of the art welding robots. There are no screws and rivets, so no chance for corrosion that can occur when two different metals interact. And most importantly, ForceField screens feel like they're made in one piece - they feel stronger because they are stronger. 

welded corners.png


Industrial strength adhesive bonds the stainless steel mesh to the frame. The adhesive is applied to a dove tail groove in the frame, and penetrates through the mesh, filling all the gaps and creating a complete mechanical bond between the mesh and the frame. The adhesive is so strong it's used in aerospace and motor sports applications. 

A sleek retaining strip hides the join and finishes the frame, leaving you with the best looking screen on the market. 

102 standard colours

Guardian is available in 102 standard colours, and an additional 200 colours at extra cost. All screens are powder coated at the Prowler Proof Brisbane factory to the highest standards. 

View the Prowler Proof standard colour range

Colour chart.png
10 yr warranty long.png

10 year warranty

Prowler Proof offer a full replacement, 10 year warranty on ForceField screens. We simply supply a new product if a Prowler Proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from manufacture. We don't try and repair your screen or replace parts - you get a full, brand new product. All products are automatically covered as soon as they leave the factory; there is no need to keep your receipt or register your warranty. We recommend you follow the care and maintenance guide to look after your screens, but there is no required cleaning schedule.  

Qulok factory.jpg
factory with screen.jpg

Locally made

Guardian screens are made right here in South East Queensland, at the state of the art Banyo factory. Prowler Proof has achieved a 'World Class' rating on the PROBE Manufacturing global benchmark. PROBE is an international diagnostic assessment that benchmarks an organisation across a selection of international companies. Prowler Proof achieved ratings 20 and 19 points above the industry average, and well above the requirement of a World Class rating. 

Find out more at the Prowler Proof website.

Product information

Endurance test results

Bushfire test

For resistance to bushfire, look no further than ForceField screens. ForceField are the only screens tested and approved up to extreme level BAL-FZ (fire zone). 

The Fire attentuation test (FS 4302/3572) subjects screens to a radiant heat flux level of 60 kw/m2 for at least 60 minutes. Most bushfires will create heat levels of around 40 kw/m2. ForceField screens were still in position after 91 minutes. The heat level measured one metre behind the window screen was around 10% of the heat level at the front of the screen. ​

Salt spray test
AS 2331.3.1

Two factors make Prowler Proof resistance to corrosion - it is fully welded with no untreated or raw edges and it is powder coated after assembly, eliminating the risk of damage to the paint during assembly.


​The salt spray test tests the integrity of the screen in response to a spray that is saltier than sea water, in a closed chamber, at almost 100% humidity and 35 degrees. All Prowler Proof screens passed more than 1000 hours with no corrosion. 

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