Opening hinged security windows

Hinged security screens that you can open allow you easy access to clean your windows and provide an escape option if needed. They work well for serveries, louvres and casement windows. They are easy to open from the inside, and completely secure from the outside.

Easy access

Louvres, casement windows and serveries can all be hard to screen. Hinged security screens that you can open provide an ideal solution, allowing you easy access to your windows or outside area. They also allow you to easily clean your glass windows, to keep your view clear. 

Escape options

Hinged security screens that you can open provide you peace of mind - you can rest easy knowing that in the event of an emergency, your family can exit quickly and easily with a simple one-handed action. 

Still secure

The hinged security screen windows can easily be opened with a simple on-handed action from the inside. But, from the outside, there is no way to get in - not even a handle or edge to get hold of! 

Many benefits

Panther Escape

Top or side opening

Panther Escape Windows can be fitted in either side opening or top opening options, and are available in black as standard and other colours at additional cost. They come with Panther Protect stainless steel mesh or Privacy Plus screen, for unobstructed breezes and views.

Prowler Proof

Removable screens

Prowler Proof hinge windows open from the side, and have multi-point locks. Impressively, you can completely remove the screen for easy cleaning. They come in both Forcefield stainless steel and Protec aluminium mesh, in the full range of Prowler Proof colours.