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Diamond grille security screens

Diamond grille

Diamond design is the classic security screen, and still the cheapest option on the market. The fly screen mesh keeps out the insects and the heavy duty frame and grille keep out everything else. 


Prowler Proof Diamond design is both secure and economical. It is available as SnapLock – a unique production process that makes it possible to choose any colour frame to match a black mesh; or welded, where the frame and grille are the same colour. There are no visible joints – it looks and feels like the security screen is made in one piece.

It comes with insect gauze as standard; micromesh can be fitted to keep out even the smallest insects; and the stronger pet proof mesh will provide some protection against wear and tear from pets. Full range of colours available. 

Why choose Diamond grille

Diamond grille is still the cheapest security screen on the market. The Prowler Proof difference is in the welded frame, which provides clean corners and a strong frame. The option of black infill grille gives better visibility. Useful for areas where you're not looking out often and you want a cheaper option. 

Quick facts


Exceeds all Australian Standards for security

10 year warranty

10 year full replacement warranty


Exceeds requirements for fall prevention


Keeps out flies, mosquitos and other insects


Passed corrosion tests

Icon_view angle diam.png

Obstructed view

Icon_open diam.png

63% open area (not including grille)


Aluminium grille, black or colour matched to frame


Standard fibreglass, micro or pet mesh

welded diamond grille coorparoo


Diamond grille might be the original security screen, but it still passes all the Australian Standards for security screens, and has proven high resistance to corrosion. Diamond grille doors come standard with a keyguard. And they come with an 10 year full replacement warranty to give you complete peace of mind. 

All diamond doors come standard with a triple lock and keyguard. 

Snaplock diamond grille coorparoo


Diamond grille screens are available in fixed windows, hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors and fixed screens.

You can choose from welded or SnapLock styles. 

Welded diamond grille has the grille and frame powder coated in the same colour. The grille is welded to the frame at every second contact point. 

With snaplock diamond grille you choose the colour of the frame; the grille is black. The black grille is more transparent and can blend in with the look of your home.  



Diamond grille screens come with Prowler Proof's famous seamfree welded corners, joined by state of the art welding robots. There are no screws and rivets, so no chance for corrosion that can occur when two different metals interact. The screens feel like they're made in one piece - they feel stronger because they are stronger. 

All security doors come standard with Lockwood triple locks. All doors come standard with bug strips; and hinged doors with door closers. 

Diamond grille door lock


Industrial strength adhesive bonds the stainless steel mesh to the frame. The adhesive is applied to a dove tail groove in the frame, and penetrates through the mesh, filling all the gaps and creating a complete mechanical bond between the mesh and the frame. The adhesive is so strong it's used in aerospace and motor sports applications. 

A sleek retaining strip hides the join and finishes the frame, leaving you with the best looking screen on the market. 

102 standard colours

Diamond grille by Prowler Proof is available in 102 standard colours, and an additional 200 colours at extra cost. All screens are powder coated at the Prowler Proof Brisbane factory to the highest standards. 

View the Prowler Proof standard colour range

Colour chart.png
10 yr warranty long.png

10 year warranty

Prowler Proof offer a full replacement, 10 year warranty on Diamond screens. We simply supply a new product if a Prowler Proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from manufacture. We don't try and repair your screen or replace parts - you get a full, brand new product. All products are automatically covered as soon as they leave the factory; there is no need to keep your receipt or register your warranty. We recommend you follow the care and maintenance guide to look after your screens, but there is no required cleaning schedule.  

Qulok factory.jpg
factory with screen.jpg

Locally made

Diamond grille screens by Prowler Proof are made right here in South East Queensland, at the state of the art Banyo factory. Prowler Proof has achieved a 'World Class' rating on the PROBE Manufacturing global benchmark. PROBE is an international diagnostic assessment that benchmarks an organisation across a selection of international companies. Prowler Proof achieved ratings 20 and 19 points above the industry average, and well above the requirement of a World Class rating. 

Find out more at the Prowler Proof website.

Product information

Security screens must meet standards for both construction and installation in order to qualify as security screens, as well as passing stringent tests. Australian Standard  AS5041 sets out the required tests for security screen doors and windows. Key tests include the dynamic impact, jemmy  and knife shear tests. In addition, there are safety standards for fire, cyclones and corrosion. 

Security test results

Dynamic impact test

The dynamic impact test simulates an intruder trying to kick through a security door or window. A bag full of lead shot and sand weighing more than 40 kg is smashed into the security screen with a force of 100 joules, repeated 5 times. Diamond screens pass the test with ease, and still looked like new after the test!

Jemmy test

The jemmy test is designed to simulate an intruder using a lever to get past the security door or window. The test is performed with a large screwdriver at all locking, hinging and fastening points. The force applied is up to 450 N (45 kg) for 20 seconds – way beyond the capability of most potential intruders.​ The test can't even be performed on diamond screens - there is no gap to insert the screwdriver after the dynamic impact test.

Pull test

Imagine an intruder trying to pull out your security screen…that’s what the pull test is all about. The security door or window must be able to withstand pulling forces of up to 2 kN (200 kg) for 20 seconds at various positions from various angles. The diamond screen passed easily - it's virtually impossible to separate the mesh from the welded frame. 

Probe test

The probe test simulates an intruder having created a gap and trying to get a hand inside to unlock a door or a window. A deflecting force of 1.5 kN (150 kg) is applied to each opposite side of the opening to increase the space enough to get a hand through. Diamond screens passed, of course - it is not possible to get a hand inside the mesh as the openings are smaller than the 213mm test probe. 

Shear test

The shear test simulates a cutting plier attack on a security screen. The shearing tool applies increasing pressure until the sample chord breaks. The force required to break one chord must be at least 3 kN (300 kg). You simply can't break a Diamond screen with pliers.

Knife shear test

The knife shear test simulates a knife attack on your security screen. A heavy duty trimming knife is dragged along a 250 mm line with a force of 150 N (15 kg) vertically and up to 350 N (35 kg) horizontally. The test is repeated 3 times, each time with a new blade, along the same line. The test can't even be performed on a diamond screen - the blade would be unable to move. 

Endurance test results

Salt spray test
AS 2331.3.1

Two factors make Prowler Proof resistance to corrosion - it is fully welded with no untreated or raw edges and it is powder coated after assembly, eliminating the risk of damage to the paint during assembly.


​The salt spray test tests the integrity of the screen in response to a spray that is saltier than sea water, in a closed chamber, at almost 100% humidity and 35 degrees. All Prowler Proof screens passed more than 1000 hours with no corrosion. 

Acetic acid salt spray test (AS 2331.3.2)

The 1,000 hour acetic acid salt spray test is pure torture. Acetic acid salt spray is saltier than sea water and 10,000 times more acidic. The test takes place in an enclosed chamber at a temperature of +35ºC with almost 100% humidity.

​Prowler Proof Diamond screens passes the acetic acid salt spray test - the only brand to do so. If you live in a coastal area and are worried about corrosion, Prowler Proof is your safe choice. 


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