Outdoor screens and patio enclosures

Southside Screens can help you make the most of your outdoor area, by protecting your privacy, adding a feature, or keeping the insects out of your patio area. 

Patio enclosures

Security screens are the perfect addition to your outdoor lifestyle - they keep the mozzies and flies out of your way, but let the light, breeze and views through. 

Decoview screens

Decoview laser cut screens are made in Australia from premium aluminium and come in over 200 colours. If you want laser cut screens that will last a lifetime, Decoview screens are the right choice.


Decoview screens are available in a huge range of designs and colours, and are completely customisable. Choose from laser cut or perforated designs - the choices are endless!

Outdoor uses

Patio enclosures

Make the most of your space

Living in Brisbane, we like to spend time outside enjoying the fresh air and breezes. But, flies and mosquitoes have a habit of interrupting and spoiling the fun. That's where patio screens and enclosures come into their own - you can let the light and the breeze in, and keep unwanted pests out. They're also great additional security, and can help you keep your children and pets safe outside. 

Patio enclosures can include fixed screens, sliding or swing doors, or any combination. They can be made from stainless steel security mesh for highest security, or from insect mesh to keep the flies away. 

Decoview screens

Privacy or decoration

Decoview screen designs are the pinnacle of strength combined with beauty, come in a range of designs, and can be customised to almost any design you can think of. Decoview screens are commercial quality and made to last for decades. The exclusive Decoedge system removes all sharp edges and burrs after cutting, giving you a safe rounded edge. Don’t risk unrounded screens, they just don’t last as long!

Decoview laser cut screens are powder coated using a Dulux and Interpon certified application process. They are made from premium aluminium, which offers excellent resistance to corrosion. Decoview laser cut screens are also available in corten, or weathering steel, which creates a rustic feature with an ageing rust patina. Made from 350 grade steel, it is also super strong.



Screen designs

Decoview screens come in a huge range of designs. We can also customise a design just for you, so if you don’t see something you like or want to bring your own style, we can custom make something to meet your needs exactly - the possibilities are endless.

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