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Find answers to all your questions about security screens and doors, and our services, right here. If you have a question that is not answered here please let us know by email.

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Security questions

What types of security screens do you offer?

At Southside Screens we offer a choice of security screens and doors! We supply and install quality products made in South East Queensland from leading manufacturers Prowler Proof, Starline, Panther Protect, and Decoview. Security screens are available in stainless steel mesh, perforated aluminium, diamond grille, and lasercut aluminium. We also supply and install fall prevention screens and fly screens. 

Various screens

We offer screens from Prowler Proof, Starline, Panther Protect and Decoview

Do security screens really work?

We’ve all heard people say that if someone really wants to break into your house, they’ll find a way in. While that might be true, most break-ins are a matter of opportunity. Security screens and security doors work by making your home a less attractive opportunity. Installed correctly, they also provide a physical barrier that makes it extremely difficult – if not impossible – for someone to break through the security screen. The quality of the screen and the installation are paramount – security screens must be manufactured and installed according to the Australian Standards. If you see a door advertised as a ‘barrier’ door, it’s not really a security door.

Security screen testing Australian Standards

Our security screens exceed all Australian Standards and will give you the best protection available

What standards do security screens need to meet?

Security screens need to meet Australian standards for construction of the doors and window screens (AS5039) and their installation (AS5040). AS5041 specifies the tests that screens need to pass to be classified as a security screen.

  • AS5039 sets the requirements and performance for the manufacture of all types of hinged and sliding security doors and security windows.  The screens and grilles must be able to resist attempted break-ins, and it should be very difficult to slice through a screen or penetrate a grille.

  • AS5040 sets the requirements for the installation of all types of security doors and windows. Security screens should be installed in a way that prevents an intruder prying the screen from its hinges or frame and gaining access to the house.

  • AS5041 sets out the required tests for security screen doors and windows. Key tests include the dynamic impact, jemmy, pull, probe, shear and knife shear tests.

Panther testing

Security screens must pass stringent tests, including the dynamic impact, jemmy, pull, probe, shear and knife tests

How do I know that the product complies with Australian Standards?

Compliant security screens and doors will have a AS5039 compliance label attached to the frame.

Compliant security screens and doors we sell are:

Prowler Proof Guardian screens meet the fall prevention requirements, but do not meet the requirements to be classified as security screens.  

NSSA compliance sticker.jpg

Look for the NSSA sticker to be sure that your security screens meet all the standards

What security screen mesh do you use?

All our stainless steel security mesh products use 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. 316 grade stainless steel provides added protection against corrosion, particularly against chlorides and salt, making it ideal for use in coastal South East Queensland.

Prowler Proof Guardian screens use 304 architectural grade stainless steel mesh.

316 stainless steel security mesh

Marine grade 316 stainless steel offers the best corrosion resistance

Do you have aluminium security doors?

Both Decoview perforated aluminium doors and Prowler Proof Protec doors are made from a single sheet of aluminium.

Decoview perforated design doors have a frame made of high quality 6063 T6 aluminium. The perforated panels are punched from a single sheet of 2mm thick 5052 or 5251 marine grade aluminium.

Protc by Prowler Proof has an aluminium frame with welded, seamless corners. The mesh is a single sheet of perforated aluminium, 1.7mm thick. Frames are available in over 300 colours.

Perforated close up

Protec and Decoview doors use perforated aluminium

What warranty do you offer on your security screens?

Prowler Proof and Panther Protect security screens and doors come with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty; SecureView from Starline has an 11-year warranty. This covers product manufacture on the frame, mesh and powder coating. Locks are also covered by manufacturer's warranties.

Prowler Proof products are automatically covered by your warranty once installed. 

To ensure warranty coverage, register your Panther Protect products here

10 year warranty

Security screens come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty

What are the standard inclusions on your doors?

All our security doors come standard with triple locks and bug seals. Hinged doors come with soft door closers and three hinges, and sliding doors come standard with 4 rollers.

Diamond grille doors come standard with a keyguard.

Flyscreen doors come standard with a single point lock.

If you order multiple doors in a single order they will all be keyed alike.


All security doors come standard with bug seal and triple locks, four rollers or three hinges and soft door closers

What is a triple lock?

Security screen doors must have a triple lock to meet the Australian Standards. A triple lock has three locking points – that means that there are three locks that come out of the door and engage with the frame, at the top, middle and bottom. The three locks are connected by an internal rod, and all three locking points are engaged when you turn the key or a snib. By comparison, single locks (as used on flyscreen doors), have only one locking point (in the middle of the door), and can often be prised open.

Triple locks are standard on all our security doors - otherwise they wouldn't be security doors!

Lockwood triple Locks_edited.jpg

Triple locks engage at three locking points and are standard on all security doors

What is a keyguard?

A keyguard is a clear plastic barrier that is fitted around the handle of your door lock to protect against tampering of the lock. They prevent intruders from accessing the lock on the inside by putting their fingers through the diamond grille. Keyguards are fitted to diamond grille security doors, and are not required for stainless steel mesh or perforated aluminium doors.

Keyguard for diamond grille door_edited.jpg

Keyguards prevent intrusion on diamond grille doors

What maintenance is required for your screens?

Security screen mesh can act as a filter and trap dust. We recommend cleaning on a regular basis, around every 3 months in urban areas, to remove built up dust and keep your screens in the best possible condition.

Panther wash

We recommend washing your screens regularly to keep them in the best condition

Will the screens have a midrail?

Most security screens and doors do not need a midrail. Oversized window screens may require a midrail or mullion (vertical midrail).

Flyscreen doors will always have a midrail to assist with maintaining the shape of the mesh and structure of the door. Large and wide flyscreen windows may require a mullion (vertical midrail) to assist in holding the shape.

Extra large flyscreen doors, Forestdale_edited.jpg

Most security doors do not require a midrail; most flyscreen doors will

Are your products made in Australia?

All products by Prowler Proof, Panther Protect, Starline and Decoview are made right here in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, by Australian owned family companies.

Southside Screens is also a small family business operating locally around Brisbane.   

factory with screen.jpg

All our products are made right here in south east Queensland

Security FAQs

Safety questions

How do I get out in an emergency?

While security screens are fantastic to stop unwanted intruders coming into your home, it is also important to consider how you would get out in an emergency. It is a good idea to have at least one openable window on each floor, or even one in each main room to provide two points of exit.

Safe escape windows are available in the Prowler Proof, SecureView and Panther Protect ranges. They come in top and side opening, in and out swinging styles. Find out more here.


Hinged escape windows allow you to exit quickly and allow you to clean your windows easily

When do I need fall prevention screens?

The National Construction Code specifies that window openings must be either restricted or screened in some situations, to prevent children from falling. Restrictors must prevent windows from opening more than 125mm. If you’d like to be able to fully open your windows and feel the breeze, fall prevention screens are the obvious choice!

Screens are required for any window where:

  • the fall is greater than 4m and the lowest part of the opening is within 865mm of the floor; or

  • windows in bedrooms where the fall is greater than 2m and the window is within 1700mm of the floor.

The easiest way to think about this is – if your child can reach the bottom of the window – or could climb on something and reach the bottom of the window – you should have fall prevention screens installed.

Although the construction standards apply to new buildings, if you are fitting screens to an existing home it is a good idea to bring them up to standard, for your peace of mind and your family’s safety.


Fall prevention screens are required where there is easy access to windows more than 2m from the ground

What screens are best for fall prevention?

Any security screen – Panther Protect, ForceField, Protec, SecureView or diamond grille – is suitable as a fall prevention screen. In addition, Prowler Proof offer the Guardian range of screens, which meet the fall prevention standards. Guardian screens are cheaper than security screens and allow for greater visibility and airflow. They are best in situations where you are not concerned about security – for example, second story windows with no easy access. 

Fall prevention screens must be able to withstand an outward push of 250 N (25kg). A screen that has passed the requirements as a security screen is deemed to comply; barrier screens must be tested in compliance with Australian Standard AS 5203 for testing fall prevention windows.

Flyscreens are not suitable as fall prevention screens, and should not be used in any bedrooms where the fall is greater than 2m and the bottom of the window is within the reach of a child, or for any windows where the fall is greater than 4m. We will always recommend against the use of flyscreen in these situations.

Keep your cat safe with Guardian fall prevention screens

Guardian screens, as well as any security screen, can be used as a fall prevention screen.

What screens meet bushfire requriements?

Australian Standard 3959 provides the requirements for openable windows in bushfire zones. Requirements vary for the five levels of Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), and there are different options for meeting these requirements (e.g. shutters or a tested system, or screens). More information is available in the Prowler Proof fire safety guide.

Protec screens provide protection up to Bushfire Attack Level 29 (BAL-29).

SecureView, Guardian and Panther Protect provide protection up to BAL-40. 

ForceField has been tested and approved up to BAL-FZ - flame zone - extreme risk. 

bushire test.JPG

ForceField screens have been tested and passed BAL - flame zone

What screens meet cyclone requirements?

Although Brisbane is not considered to be in the cyclone region (which starts around Bundaberg), it is still useful to know that your security screens can withstand cyclonic wind speeds.

Australian Standard 1170 – Structural design actions Wind actions - sets out the requirements for protection from flying debris. The missile test shoots a 4kg timber block at 34m per second into the screen; the ballistics test involves shooting 8mm steel ball bearings 5 times into the same screen.

Panther Protect and ForceField by Prowler Proof both pass the test for cyclone standards.

cyclone test

Security screens can protect against debris in a cyclone

Will my security screens rust or corrode?

Security screens must be corrosion resistant and long lasting. With Brisbane being so close to the coast, it is particularly important to ensure that your screens are durable and will not corrode or show tea staining.

Most corrosion problems in security screens occur with screens that are constructed in a way that allows two different metals - the aluminium frame and the stainless steel mesh - to come into contact. All our screens are designed to prevent this contact and reduce the risk of corrosion - none of our security screens use screws to hold the mesh in place, reducing contact between the metals.

In addition, ForceField by Prowler Proof, SecureView and Panther Protect screens use marine grade stainless steel 316 mesh, which is known to be more resistant to corrosion than commercial 304 grade mesh.

Panther screens also have a complete plastic sleeve inside the frame, which means that there is no way the mesh and frame will come into contact.

Prowler Proof screens are completely welded and no screws or rivets are used to hold the mesh in place. The high quality of the powder coating process also helps to protect the screens from corrosion.

Protec by Prowler Proof and Decoview screens are all aluminium, so there is no chance of electrolysis between the frame and the screen, as no different metals are in contact.

12 Month old Crimsafe 2.JPG

Corrosion and tea-staining can be a problem with some other screens, but not ours!

Has the corrosion resistance of your security screens been tested?

The Australian Standards include two tests for corrosion – an acid salt spray test (AS2331.3.2) and the neutral salt spray test (AS2331.3.1). Essentially, the product is immersed in a sealed booth at 35°C, 100% humidity, and a set pH and salt concentration. The test results provide the number of hours that the product can remain in the test without showing any signs of corrosion.

All our doors have easily passed the corrosion tests. ForceField and Protec by Prowler Proof passed a 1,000 hour acid salt spray test and a 10,000 hour neutral salt spray. Guardian screens by Prowler Proof passed a 3,000 hour neutral salt spray test.

Salt_corrosion testing.jpg

Our screens have been rigorously tested and pass the corrosion tests

Safety FAQs

Style questions

Will I still get a good view out the security screens?

Our screens made with stainless steel security mesh provide excellent visibility, and allow clear views out. There is a slight difference when compared with flyscreen, but nothing too noticeable – it’s easy to forget the screens are even there! Stainless steel mesh screens give you a viewing angle of 156° - that’s nearly side on! Protec, made of perforated aluminium, still lets in plenty of light and allows a viewing angle of 135°.

As a comparison, here are our screens ranked from most visibility to least visibility:

  • Flyscreen

  • Guardian screens (lighter stainless steel)

  • ForceField / Panther Protect / SecureView (stainless steel)

  • Protec / Decoview perforated (perforated aluminium)

  • Diamond grille / Decoview lasercut (obstructed view).


Stainless steel mesh security screens will give you a clear view out

Will the security screens block airflow and breezes?

For many people in subtropical Brisbane, being able to leave windows and doors open to let the breeze in is one of the main reasons to get security screens. Security screens do cover some of the open space of the window with mesh. However, the size of the mesh openings (around 1.5mm x 1.6mm) means that plenty of breeze and airflow still comes through your window. In addition, with security screens you can leave your doors or windows open all day, even when you’re asleep or not home, providing a constant flow of fresh air through the house. No more coming back home to a hot and stuffy house!

Stainless steel security mesh products (ForceField, SecureView and Panther Protect) will provide slightly more airflow that perforated aluminium (Protec and Decoview). Guardian and flyscreens provide more airflow again, but are not security screens.

Stainless steel mesh security doors with view to outside

Security screens allow you to safely leave your windows open to let the breeze in

Do security screens reduce heat and UV coming into the house?

Living in Brisbane, keeping cool is a priority for most of the year! Security screens not only act to keep solar heat and UV light out in summer, they can also help reduce heat loss during winter. ForceField screens by Prowler Proof have been tested under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) They reduce heat gain and UV light by up to 67% (5 stars) and heat loss by up to 28% (3 stars). Protec perforated aluminium screens perform nearly as well, reducing heat gain and UV light by 62% (4.5 stars) and heat loss by up to 18% (2.5 stars).

Installing security screens can help improve the thermal comfort of your home, and assist in making your air conditioning and heating more efficient.

Double sliding stacking doors Yeronga

Security screens have been shown to reduce both heat gain and heat loss, making your home more comfortable year-round

Do you install pet doors?

Yes, we do! We can provide pet doors with your new security doors, or retrofit pet doors to your existing security screens. Pet doors come in 3 sizes and 6 colours (black is standard for stainless steel security doors). We do not fit pet doors to flyscreen doors.

Please note that once a pet door is installed, it compromises the security of your door, and it can no longer be regarded as a security screen, only a barrier screen.  


dog door installation_edited.jpg

We can retrofit dog doors to security screens, including diamond grille

Is the mesh pet-proof?

The mesh in ForceField, SecureView, Panther Protect, Protec and Guardian screens is completely pet-proof. Normal fibreglass flyscreen mesh, however, is no match for sharp pet claws! Pet-proof flyscreen mesh can be installed on flyscreen doors and windows if you need additional pet protection, but security screen mesh will last longer.

Keep your cat safe with Guardian fall prevention screens

Guardian and security screens are pet-proof; petmesh is a more resistant flyscreen mesh.

Are the screens insect-proof?

The stainless steel mesh used in the security screens and the flyscreen mesh will stop flies and mosquitoes getting in. Micro fibreglass gauze is available for flyscreens if you need to keep out even smaller bities (midges).

Mosquito proof flyscreens

Our screens will keep pesky mosquitoes safely outside

What type of security screen can I put on my casement, hinged opening or double hung windows?

Hinged security screens that you can open allow you easy access to clean your windows and provide an escape option if needed. They work well for serveries, louvres and casement windows. They are easy to open from the inside, and completely secure from the outside.

Prowler Proof, SecureView and Panther Protect offer opening security screen windows.

Panther hinged windows can be installed as top or side opening, outswinging only, and are available in black as a standard colour (other colours at additional cost).

Prowler Proof hinged windows are available in ForceField and Protec mesh, are side opening only, can open inwards or outwards, and can be completely removed for easy cleaning.

SecureView opening windows are available as top, outswinging hinged windows, or double sliding windows. 

Hinged security screen window, Prowler Proof

Hinged windows allow easy access to casement windows and are great for cleaning

What are the standard colours?

Prowler Proof screens are available in 300 colours, including 100 standard colours. Other colours are available on request, at an additional cost. As Prowler Proof products are all powdercoated, they are not available in anodised or woodgrain - but we can always find a powdercoat colour that will match. 

Panther Protect screens come in 18 standard colours, including one woodgrain (bush cherry). Other colours are available on request at an additional cost.

Decoview screens and doors are available in the full range of Dulux and Interpon colours. 

SecureView screens are available in 24 standard colours, and over 180 colours at additional cost, including woodgrain. 

Colour chip.jpg

We have an extensive range of colours to choose from. 

What part of the screen is coloured?

For most screens, the frame is powder coated in your choice of colour, and mesh is black stainless steel security mesh, black perforated aluminium, or flyscreen. For welded diamond grille screens and heritage aluminium, the grille or panel is also powdercoated in your colour. With snaplock diamond grille screens, the grille is black and the frame your choice of colour. 

For Decoview, the whole door or screen is powdercoated, and the frame and infill can be powdercoated in different colours.


Heritage, Decoview and welded diamond grille screens have the grille or panel coloured as well as the frame

Can I get several doors all with the same key?

Yes, if you order more than one door at the same time, they will come keyed alike so you can use the same key to open all doors. If you have existing doors and you would like them all keyed alike, please let us know and additional locks can be ordered and installed.

front door with key_edited.jpg

All doors ordered at the same time will be keyed alike

How do I clean my glass windows behind security screens?

In most cases, security screens are installed on the outside of the window glass, meaning it is easy to clean the inside of your windows, but not the outside. The simplest option to clean the outside of your windows is simple to make sure they are shut tight, place a towel on the inside window track, and use a hose or high pressure cleaner (on moderate pressure) to blast the windows through the security screen mesh. If you require a more hands-on clean, it may be possible to remove and re-install the screens to allow for cleaning.

If you are looking for new security screens and are concerned about being able to clean your glass, the best option is to install an escape window. These are hinged security window screens that can be opened from the inside, giving you complete access to your windows, and allowing you fast exit in the event of an emergency. They’re great for serveries too! Prowler Proof opening windows can even be completely removed for extra easy cleaning. 


Openable security screen windows provide the best option to allow you to clean your glass windows

Lifestyle FAQs

Services questions

Are you licensed to install security screens?

Of course! A Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) contractor’s licence is required to install or repair security screens, and the QBCC sets out which licence classes may undertake this work. Steve holds an appropriate trade contractor’s licence (joinery). Information on licensing can be found on the QBCC website Steve’s QBCC licence number is 15255178.

QBCC short

Southside Screens has a current QBCC licence for security screens

Are you a member of the National Security Screen Association?

Yes, we are. The National Security Screen Association (NSSA) is a member organisation that aims to promote high quality manufacture and installation standards to maintain consumer confidence in the industry. The NSSA ensures that members’ security screens comply with Australian Standards and that members have access to the most up to date information and practices, giving you confidence and peace of mind when you choose an NSSA member for your security screen needs.

NSSA Logo short_edited.jpg

Southside Screens is a member of the National Security Screen Association of Australia 

Do I need to be home when you install?

Yes, you will need to be home when we install the screens, to let us in but also so we can show you the doors and make sure you are satisfied with their operation.

Sliding security screen door in Paperbark colour at Warner.jpg

It is best if you are home when we do the installation

How long does it take to install?

Installation time will vary on the product and the fitting arrangement. At Southside Screens, Steve will always take the time to ensure that everything is installed and working perfectly to your satisfaction. As a rough guide, allow a couple of hours for a single door, or a few hours to half a day for multiple windows and doors. Larger jobs such as a whole house or patio enclosure, or complex jobs involving customised fitting arrangements, may require multiple visits over a few days.


Double sliding security doors make up a patio enclosure.png

Allow at least a couple of hours to install a door, or longer for larger jobs. Complex jobs may need muliple visits. 

How long before my screens are installed?

We will start work on your job as soon as we receive the deposit. Lead times for all Prowler Proof products – that’s ForceField, Guardian, Protec, Diamond grille and flyscreen – are two to three weeks. Lead times for SecureView and Panther Protect are around four to five weeks.

If your doors need tracking or build out frames, we will install that first, then do a final check measure before starting on the doors, to make sure the fit is correct down to the millimetre.

If you need your screens or doors installed at a particular time, please let us know. Faster turnaround times can sometimes be met for urgent situations, for example to make your home secure after a break-in.

workshop view.png

Lead times vary from two to six weeks

Can you give me a price based on my measurements (do you have to come on site to do a quote)?

We always need to come out on site to provide a firm quote, and before any orders can be started. To comply with Australian Standards, a security door must be fitted exactly. In some cases new tracking needs to be installed, or a build out frame is required, and this needs to be included into the quote.

However, if you would like to just obtain a rough idea on how much your security screens might cost to guide your budget, we can provide an estimate based on your own measurements, for the cost of the door or window screen only. This is not a firm or binding quote, and it is important to note that the final price might be higher, depending on the fitting arrangements, tracking, colour selection etc. If you are interested in an initial estimate, please email us with your requirements.

Please note though that an estimate or a quote will only be valid for 30 days. If you are building a house, we are no longer estimating from the plans, due to the number of price rises that are coming through regularly. Please let us know once the doors and windows are in place and we can quote then. 

Measuring screens on site

We can only provide a rough estimate based on measurements; a site visit is required for a firm quote

What are tracking and fitting arrangements?

There are several things to consider and take into account when installing security screens.

Sliding doors require tracks to slide in – sometimes your existing door suite will have suitable tracks, sometimes we will need to install new tracks. This is particularly common for stacking doors, which need double tracks.

Hinged doors may require a build out frame, to ensure that there is enough room for the handles on your existing door and the security door, or to make sure that there is a secure frame to attach your door to. Build out frames may also be needed if your doorway is out of square.

Fitting arrangements may also vary for window screens – for example, if we are not able to properly access your windows, the screens may need to be fixed to the outside.

All this affects exactly how we fit your screens, as well as the final price. This is why a site visit and measure is so important – we need to inspect the fitting arrangements and allow for any additional costs when we provide your quote.

build out frame

A build out frame was needed here to allow room for the front door handle

Can you supply screens based on my measurements so that I can install them?

No, we offer full service supply and installation only. To work properly and protect your home, security screens must be an exact size and installed in compliance with the Australian Standards. By measuring and installing ourselves, we can guarantee that your screens are compliant with Australian Standards and will really work as security screens.

Prowler Proof garage door Hawthorne_edited.jpg

We install all screens we supply, to ensure they are fitted correctly to comply with Australian Standards

What suburbs do you service?

As much as we'd like to help everyone, we can't make it out to all areas of South East Queensland. We service all of the southern suburbs of Brisbane and some northern areas of Logan. We're located on the border of Coorparoo and Holland Park, and basically service all areas within about a 20 minute drive. Unfortunately we are not able to service Ipswich, the Gold Coast, far northern suburbs and eastern Redlands. 

map service area 2.png

We service the southern suburbs of Brisbane and some areas of Logan. 

How much does a standard security door cost?

Surprisingly, there’s no such thing as a standard door size! The cost of your security screens will depend on many factors, including the fitting arrangements. However, the following provides a comparison of costs between products (door only in a standard colour, assuming no tracking or framing is required). Please note these should not be taken as actual prices for a particular door, but only relative prices to give you an idea of the difference between screen types.

Insect screen       $630

Diamond grille     $850

Protec                $1160

SecureView         $1050

Panther Protect   $1100

ForceField           $1350


Screens are available in a range of styles and prices to suit your budget

What are your payment terms? What type of payments do you accept?

A 50% deposit is required to start your order. Full payment is required on day of installation. For a large and complex job with multiple site visits, we may request progress payments at key stages.

Our preferred payment method is by bank transfer; credit card payment is available on request. Cash is always fine too. 😊💰

payment by bank transfer preferred

A 50% deposit is required to start the job, with full payment on completion

What’s the fine print?

Our terms and conditions are provided on each quote for easy reference. They are:

  • Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quote. 

  • No orders may be changed or cancelled without a written request. No order will be cancelled if manufacture has started, in which case the purchaser is liable for the full amount shown.

  • Our quote is based on a structurally sound building. If buildings are unsound, extra fitting charges will apply.

  • All products remain the property of Southside Screens until full payment has been received.

  • No claim will be accepted for damaged property necessarily incurred while fitting. No responsibility or liability for any damage or consequential damage which may occur from a product failure will be accepted.

  • We will endeavour to deliver and install as soon as possible. No responsibility is accepted for late delivery and/or installation.

terms and conditions.png

Terms and conditions are provided on your quote

Services FAQs

Didn't see your question here? Send us an email, or fill in the quick form below.  

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