Flyscreen, guardian and heritage designs



Sometimes the simplest options are the best - if you just want to keep the flies and insects out, and don't need a security screen, insect screen mesh is the cheapest way to go. 

Guardian windows

Guardian window screens have been designed to meet the requirements for fall prevention. With its fine 304 stainless steel architectural mesh, views are seemingly unrestricted. 


Heritage cast aluminium designs are perfect for Queenslanders, or for adding a touch of character to your home.  

We offer the traditional favourites - flyscreen and heritage windows and doors- as well as guardian windows, in a wide range of colours and styles 

Insect screen

Keeping the small intruders out

Prowler Proof insect screens are welded, so you’ll enjoy the extra strength and great look of the seamless corners. The high quality fly screen gauze has small openings to restrict insect entry, while still providing great visibility and airflow. Available in any of our 50 standard colours, with more than 250 further colour options.

The standard insect gauze is high quality, long lasting fiberglass with small openings and great visibility. Stainless steel gauze can be fitted in bushfire prone areas to provide protection up to Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL 40).

Available for sliding and swing doors and fixed windows. 

Guardian windows

Fall protection for safety

Guardian window screens have been designed as a barrier solution for fall prevention. It meets the requirements specified in the National Construction Code for fall prevention, and has been tested to exceed an outward force of 250NM (25kg), so any existing window restrictions can be removed. Its fine 304 stainless steel architectural mesh allows for almost unrestricted views and greater natural air-flow.

It also meets the BAL-LOW to BAL-40 requirements for bushfire prone areas and is a great option instead of insect screens for homes with pets that might need a more robust solution.

Heritage doors

Classic character

Prowler Proof Heritage doors are a great option to add character to your home. Heritage doors are made with rust-free cast aluminium panels welded to a heavy duty aluminium frame and powder coated, so they are almost immune to corrosion. With a a wide range of designs to choose from, available in 50 standard colours and more than 250 other colour options. There is sure to be a Heritage design to suit your home.

Heritage doors come with insect gauze as standard; stainless steel gauze can be fitted in bushfire prone areas to provide protection up to Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL 40).

Quality installation

We guarantee it

A high quality door needs to be paired with high quality installation to ensure optimal strength and security. As a licensed Prowler Proof specialist dealer, we will ensure your home security installation fits perfectly with your home, eliminating any weaknesses and giving you total satisfaction. We operate under a strict code of conduct and will provide a totally professional experience to ensure you receive uncompromising safety. 

Prowler Proof warranty is second-to-none, offering full replacement for 10 years. 

Huge colour range

Over 300 standard colours to choose from


Prowler Proof products come in 50 standard colours, and there are another 250 colours to choose from at no additional cost. 


Because of the unique manufacturing process, and because the screens are powder coated onsite (in the local Brisbane factory) during manufacturing, no matter what colour you choose, they all come in the same lead time.


For ForceField, Guardian, Protec, SnapLock and Insect mesh, the frame is powder coated in your choice of colour, and the infill is black or insect gauze. For Welded Diamond and Heritage, the grille/cast panel is also powder coated in your chosen colour.

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